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Anyone can tell good songs (Link would help too) that are played capo on?

Yes, i know Wonderwall =)
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starlight acoustic - muse
capo 4
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Wonderwall - Oasis capo 2
I will follow you into the dark - DCFC Capo 5
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Bigmouth strikes again, either version, the original from the Smiths or the cover from Placebo
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i think slow cheetah from rhcp is really to fun play on guitar

ecspecailly the outro

the capo is on fret 6

and i dont feel liek getting the link
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babylon by david gray
wagon wheel - old crow medicine show
3am - Matchbox Twenty
In the Sun - Coldplay Featuring Michael Stipe.

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Here comes the sun - the beatles (capo at 5).
Blowing in the wind - Bob Dylan (capo at 7).
Atlantic city - Bruce Springsteen (capo at 2).
Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel (capo at 7).

and many many more...
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keith Urban - You'll think of me(great song) capo 2 fret
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here comes the sun- the beatles (capo 7)
thick as a brick - jethro tull - (capo 3)
wagon wheel - old crow medecine show (capo 2)
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Fleetwood Mac-Landslide

capo 3rd
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^country sucks

let's not forget "you're beautiful"! (like 8th or something...who really cares)
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These Days - Nico
Capo 5th.

First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes
Capo 4th.

^New country sucks (Paisley, etc), but old country is great (Emmylou Harris, Cash, etc).
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3x5 - John Mayer.
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Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina (Drop D, Capo 2)
Spill Canvas - The Tide (Capo 2)
The Calling - Wherever you will go (Capo 2)
Sister Hazel - All for you (Capo 1)
The Lyndsay Diaries - Whispers of a long goodnight (Capo 2)
Dashboard Confessional - Dusk and Summer (Capo 2)
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Quote by dale-banez
^country sucks

No, no it does not. There is alot of talent in country music. Too much pop-country is flooding to the market.

I capo alot of songs I sing just to be in key, helps alot when playing the harp too.
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actually YOU SUCK

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Thank you all, really great songs. =)

Off to try these