This is a poem a wrote guys. I've been writing a lot of poetry the past couple of months,and I've decided to post one up here.

I'm sorry I made that illegal thread of my poetry,I just haven't been to the forum in a long time to remember the rules clearly.


And I know you would be tempted to go astray,
in the new land of mist and cloudy perceptions,
but I trust your sublime inhibitions,
those very identical to the ones you held against me,
in both darkness and sun-bathed mornings,
you were beautiful,
but never did your smile look free

Yet I know you can go astray,
because your tender lips are seen by all,
and a glance of your distinct blue eyes,
would move trees and hearts of men,
but I still trust your divine inhibitions,
and I believe no shadow can break past them


Thanks for reading guys!
I don't mean what I write in my posts.So don't argue back on it,and don't check me..Because,though I don't mean them,they are the only way I can increase my post count.