i have a question abotu alternate picking..
if i am doing rhythm guitar for a song liek a favor house atlantic by coheed and cambria


its not palm muted, so should i be alternate picking that??
i learned the whole song just going straight down and so when i try alternate picking i am sloppy and it just doesnt sound right..


same with the intro, i end up doing the first part straight down then the second i will alternate/ economy pick..

is there a better way than going stright down for the first tab? or alternate but is there a technique i am missing?

i just found a video on how to play the song (in parts kinda) and i was doing the intro right but can you guys take a look at this video, its 30 seconds:

i cant tell if he is doing upstrokes in that or if he is just hitting some of them harder...
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for the power chords if you can keep up with all downstrokes, i highly suggest it, because it sounds better. that little riff for the intro is definitely slow enough to only downpick, so you might as well. i'm really used to alternate picking, but personally i would play all that with downstrokes to avoid confusion.
if the chords are played fast, maybe you should consider alt picking, but if it's played not fast, you can stick to all down-stroke strumming cos it is chords and using down-strokes gives a bit of accented sound.

also, alternate and economy picking is 2 different things. it's the guitarists' preference as to which one he will stick with.
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so in that video he isnt up stroking at all? just hitting a few hrder