im thinking of getting a esp m-II but my amp rite now isnt that great its a 40 watt rolan cube when i asked the person at steves music store in toronto about it he said that because it is a custom order it may take up to 8 months to get it here and i wanted to no what amp would be best suited for that kind of guitar that isnt to expencive
peavey triple XXX and JSX are supposed to be good for high gain and metal
Peavey 5150
Fender Showmaster QBT
Digitech Digidelay
im already spending almost 2000 on that guitar, paul lmao i just need something that is cheap mabey around 3 to 4 hundred dollars
Um no. Just because the guitar is $2000 doesn't mean it's going to sound good through a cheap amp. Split the cash between the guitar and amp and get something decent. Look for a used Peavey JSX/XXX/5150 and then spend the rest on the guitar.
I hate to say it but a good guitar through a mediocre amp will sound mediocre. I'm not putting down the Cube for a good starter amp but you can afford a good used tube combo.