I was just curious what everyone else does when you go from the clean parts of the song to the distorted parts. Do you leave the clean guitars in the mix, drop them down some, or drop them out all together?
record your cleans then record your dist seperartely, why would you have cleans behind the distortion unless it was part of the song? record it how it would be played live man.
Why are you trying to record the whole song in one take? I mean if that is the only way you can get a good vibe for the song - then go ahead, but usually seperate sections will be recorded seperately.
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I guess I didn't explain my question very well. I'm not trying to record the whole song in one take and I do record the clean and distortion separately. What I was asking is was, say your clean is on channel 1, and dist on channel 2, when you get to where the distortion kicks in do you drop channel 1 completely out or do you let it play along with the distortion in the mix.

I usually record the whole song clean all the way thru, then go back and add the distortion parts. Do you guys just record the clean part up to the part when the distortion kicks in, then start recording it again when the distortion part is over?
I'll play a song though and get ideas of what I want in the song.

When I'm sure what I want I'll play only the clean guitar lines in one take leaving out any guitar lines where the distorted guitar(s) will be playing.

When I'm done with the cleans I'll just do like I did with the clean guitar but with distortion therefore leaving the clean guitars out completely when the distorted ones are in.

In some cases I'll have a lightly distorted guitar part...Just like a crunch tone and I'll have some clean tube amp type guitar in the backing...