I have had my guitar for only a few months, so I dont need it but I'm curious. I have a Peavy Predator Pluss, the it has a single coil at the neck and i the middle, with a humbucker at the bridge(the terminology is off cuz I am fairly new at this) I like to play alot of hair-metal, with some more hardcore stuff like As I Lay Dying and Disciple. So I kinda want a good all around guitar. The only effect i use really is my overdrive. I only use distorion when pracxting one of those bands, which isnt much, cuz I'm not into power chords as much as single notes. I do like the sound of chrods tho, especially from like White Unicron(not real chords, I know) Any suggestions for pick ups+prices?
I have to wonder if the problem is your pickups or if it's your amp. What type of amp do you have?
Not taking any online orders.
I have no problem, I just wanted a more vibrant, fuller sound. Amp is roland microcube.