Can somebody explain why I can't just use Drop D with a normal licensed floyd rose?

I'm not entirely sure about this, but I've been told I can't use it without adjusting the bridge.

Can someone explain?
I think it depends on the quality of the bridge and such, but if you lower the tension of the low E-string by itself, the bridge will be thrown out of balance and the rest of the strings will likely go out of tune.
When you loosen the tension on one of the strings on a floyd, the bridge will raise due to the unequal tension, thus shifting the bridge's neutral position and in turn forcing the remaining strings slightly out of tune.

A bridge that is not set to parallel to the body will also suffer from tuning instability, not to mention your range of motion during a dive is severily limited.
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You could play in Drop D, but you wouldn't be able to go back to standard without messing with the FR.
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i play in drop c and d and i got no problems wat so ever
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Ok. So basicly you choose to adjust your bridge for only drop D or only standard right?
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