dean edge 9
but i dont think that matters.
i was messing around with my bass the other day and i saw that it had little screws at the bottom of the bridge
so i started tightening and loosening it to see what it does
all while plugged into my tuner.
and i saw that it would og out of tune and jazz

so can someone explain:
what the bridge for?
and the screws
is there any specific way to have it?

ive been on the bass for 6 months,but im trying to get to know my bass better!
ohhh i see.

can you get intoa bit more detail on that?
or maybe a site i can go to check out?
i noticed that wehn i messed around with one of the screws(e string,i didnt want to mess up the whole bass) the string felt different when i was playing it
it was a lot looser...
Ummm... Yeah okay. When a string is at a certain length it rings at it's original pitch. When you shorten the string there is less string to vibrate and therefore the pitch goes up. If you lengthen the string the string has more room to vibrate the string therefore is pitched lower. It's the same principal as tuning except, that you untune the string when you change the screws but when you retune the string the frets are now placed at a different place along the string and the pitching on the frets now changes. This is the way you keep your entire bass in tune not just the open string.
that is because you took some of the tension off of the string
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it should be noted. bridges are set at the factory. a new player needs to learn about the function of the bridge, before turning the adjustment screws. learn before you turn. but really, your intonation, and string heighth are important. as is your truss rod. an incorrect adjustment could really mess up the sound, tuning, or playability of the bass.