so i dont remember exactly right now which amp i have
i just know that its a behringer
if its neccesary to know the specs of it,i';; go look.

so my amp is a simple 15 watt practice bass amp.
it has 5 knobs
volume is self explanatory.
now the other ones are the ones that have me confused...

there is:
high mid
low mid

so can anyone explain what they each do?
would be appreciated thanks!
The low controls the low frequencies, the high controls the high frequencies, the high mid controls the higher frequencies of your mid frequencies, and your low mid controls the lower frequencies of your mid frequencies.
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Each one corresponds to a certain set of frequencies, it's fairly obvious as to which ones they affect.

By turning the knob clockwise you are boosting the aforementioned frequency. By turning it anti-clockwise you are cutting the frequency, lowering as opposed to boosting.

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Alright, low is a knob that boosts the frequency's that are in the lower range of your bass making it more boomy, the low mid boosts the lower to middling frequency which adds a kind of punch, the hi mids boost the higher middling frequencies which adds a lot of clarity and the highs boost the higher frequency making a tinny sound.
oki so can you explain is what it'll do to the sound?
does each knob represent a string or jazz like that?

im sorry if i sound like a total noob
but im really trying to get the most out of my bass now...after 6 months...
oh okay

thanks to all
i posted that before all of the answer came in

thnksss this helps a bunch!