I've using a JazzIII or something for a year now. It's a small pick, but only yesterday I played with a bigger and thiner pick, and it's so much easier. I make far fewer picking mistakes.

What are the advantages of slim big picks over small and slightly thick ones?
Dunlop Tortex 0.50 mm

The red ones, i used to use the green ones, but i found out the red ones are actually better for alternate picking (imo).
Jazz IIIs.
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Im happy noone said that thinner picks make you play faster. Thicker picks are better for faster playing styles. I play Dunlop .96 mm
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It varies for me. I used to only the Dunlop Tortex .88mm picks but recently I've gotten accustomed to larger picks. Currently I've been using 1.5mm and 2.0mm Gatorgrips, and these other 2.0mm Dunlop Nylon picks, not sure what they are exactly but they're purple.
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Steves pluctums (pick, sigged) hard black and white

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fender thin or johnson medium

all i look for in a pick is just if it's thin or medium i dont really care as long as i can play with it so far
I used to play medium Fenders but got into the Heavies so i Bought 1.oo Tortex.
Then i used a medium and realised i could go faster so i try to use those but i like the feel of the thick ones.

I just use whatever is around. I like the .88mm tortex ones a lot though.
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Tortex .73's usually. I bought a zillion of them and am going through them slowly. Amazing how quickly they wear down, especially when trem picking. Although I no longer need a fresh pick to trem pick now, so life is good.
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Dunlop Stubby 2.0mm.
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I've got a 4 sorts of Jim Dunlop with thickness verying between 0.60 and 1.00. Can't choose what to use, cause I always seem to have some problems with stuff, such as tremelo picking with a thick pick.

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Dunlop Tortex .88mm or a 1.14mm
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i use dunlop tortex .73mm for guitar, and i know this is wierd, but when i pick on my bass i use clayton triangle .5mm
Dunlop 3.0 Big Stubby
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Dunlop 1mm. Seem about right for me at the moment, not too thin and not overly thick

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