Does anyone know how to convert files from Ableton live to MP3 so you can put them, on the internet?
You need to find a WAV to MP3 converter. I found a free one, but don't remember where I found it. Look around a bit.
ok, I found two but both of them are trial versions and increase the speed of the file way to much. Ill keep looking, if somebody finds a good one a link would be appreciated. Also, The file im trying to convert is sixteen and a half minutes long, could that be the problem? Thanks for your help on this.
you could burn them to a CD and rip them off with Windows media player to MP3 format...
yea converters are hard to find....(free ones that let you do anything more than two songs...)

or try CDex...its a free program thats useful but im not sure if it will convert your files...
its worth a try though..