I bought an Ibanez TS9 the other day, and I like it, but I wish that it had a little more gain to push my amp's crunch channel into metal territory. I have seen that there are a bunch of mods for this particular pedal. Does anybody know of any sites that would give me a step-by-step walkthrough on how to increase the amount of gain/overdrive that I can get with this pedal? Ive searched google and didnt really find anything other than people trying to sell me pre-modded ones, but I cant spend $150 on a new one. Also, I have no experience with electronics or modifying them, so would it be wise to not bother with it or get a pro to do it? I dont feel like ****ing up my new pedal really. Thanks for any help.
There are places where you can send your pedal to be modded, as well as buy a pre-modded pedal. It'll usually cost you shipping (outbound) plus the fee for the mod. If you already own the pedal it's a more economical way to go.

Robert Keeley has good mods for the TS9 and TS808, check out www.robertkeeley.com

There are also other people on here that can assist you in your search as well.
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