umm. well if your open disk button on the box itseld is broken I think you can open it through an option on the dashboard.
My friend's Xbox does that.

Just keep trying it will work.

At least thats the way it works with his.
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put icy hot on it

You do realise the more people keep using it the less funny it is.

It's funny when you don't expect to see it.
^ i lol'd at that Avopeac.
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guys, i got it. pucture = the rare breed of green fruits that tend to laugh scoffingly and then question a statement. AKA lolwut pears

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put icy hot on it

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you touched your penis too hard, hard luck... literally

both of you get warnings. . .

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Buy a ps3.

hell no. even with the $100 price drop i'm not paying $500 for somthing that will be out of date in 5 years