i just bought a boss gt-3 off ebay for £63, but was wondering what the best amp for it was (it hasnt arrived). i have a vox ad50vt but this doesnt have an fx loop in it, so essentially i'd be running a guitar into a pre-amp, followed by effects and then another pre-amp. i assume it works the same as the gt-5, gt-6 and gt-8, so have any users of these has much luck with using them with amps that dont have fx-loops?

would i be better off getting a cheap keyboard amp? do they work with acoustic amps? or should i actually allow my amp to colour the pedals tone and get a valve amp? or will my valvetronix do (if so, on what settings?) cheers
You want the Roland JC-120. Only type of amp to make that application sound really good!
Ive looked at that but its too expensive and too large in terms of dimensions. It has to be smaller than my AD50VT