When i charge it, should the green battery in the lower right hand corner will be totally green right? When i just want to download stuff straight to it should i set the usb connection to MTP or MSC? and when i want to disconnect it from the computer, do i just unplug it or do i have to do something else before i do it?
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i have NO idea about the mtp or msc things, but you can unplug the mp3 player as long as its not "writing"

oh and if youre downloading music maybe you should just use media player, and if youre downloading movies or pictures use the media converter.

i had problems with my sound being off on movies though, i had the movie the evil dead on mine and the sound is like 2 or 3 seconds delayed
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i have the cheaper $50 sansa and i just pop it into the USB to charge or put songs on it... then i just pull it out when i think its charged
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