Very very underrated british punk band, what are you're thoughts on them?
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Man they were so fun at Wasted 2004.

Animal has the coolest hair and sunglasses combo and he's massive.
yea, i love them. my favorite songs are "i hate people" and "****ed up and wasted". but what type of punk are they considered? Oi, maybe?
And clenching your fist for the ones like us
Who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
You fixed yourself, you said, "Well, never mind,
We are ugly, but we have the music."
Used to be my mates most singalong punk band.

Good band. Animal is one ugly ****er.
^ Oi! I look a bit like animal when I have the hair right

I love the league. Unfortunately, many people who are into them are just a bunch of metallica suckers, which kills the old novelty a bit.

But there you go.

Excellent songwriters, too.
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Used to be my mates most singalong punk band.

Good band. Animal is one ugly ****er.

No way. He's a sexy man beast
I'm an animal
I'm a sexual pervert
I'm an animal
I'm a living abortion
I'm an animal
I'm nobody's hero
an animal


Fun stuff.
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