I've been wanting to play bass for a long time (ever since I first heard John Deacon's bass solo in the song, "Dragon Attack"), and I've finally gotten around to making the plunge. I've done a lot of research, and feel that I've picked out what I want, but before I make the purchase, I wanted to see what you guys/girls think.

I plan on really dedicating myself to the instrument, working both on my own, and with a buddy who's a guitar teacher (but is also very proficient with bass). My total budget for both the bass and the amp is around $700. I've heard about the importance and wisdom of investing in as good of an amp as possible, as opposed to the other way around. So, I based my choices around that. Here they are:



I thought about getting a cheaper amp, but I really do plan on going the long haul with this as it's been something I've wanted to do, so I thought getting what seems like a good amp and not needing to upgrade anytime too soon would make things a little simpler. Any opinions on either the bass or amp, or alternatives that you feel would be smarter choices would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
The amp is very good.
Go to a guitar store near you and just pick up some basses and fool around. Just see what feels right.
excellent, a person with some good sense. haha, your right, that its better to buy a better amp, although it is VERY tempting to dish it out on the bass.

The amp choice is good. as is the bass choice. that ibanez is supposed to be a very good one for the money.

so i'd say, go for it!
Very good choice. The one I am using now is a GSR 100. Your amp choice is very good.
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ok im a noob at slapping. Is it my strings or do i just suck at slapping? I have a squier fender J bass(im a noob). Im thinking of getting Ibanez GSR200

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It is good you are under budget because it gives you some money to spend on a strap, cables etc. Wouldn't matter if you had a Fodera bass and 3 ampeg stacks, you wouldn't hear anything without cables