Hi everyone. I just finished scalloping frets 17-21 on my Squier Strat's neck. Naturally, that area is now raw rosewood, and is a different tint than the rest of the neck. What do I finish the rosewood with to at least provide a protective finish and prefereably get it to match the rest of the fretboard?
Shiny metallic purple armor.
oil it, i like the citrus oils, though i hear you aren't supposed to use them... gunstock oil also works well, and i think it was linseed oil that would also work well. it might not be the same tint though, the wood you have now hasnt been out in the open, exposed to the elements, so it hasnt discolored like the existing fretboard has...
Don't finish it. Gun stock oil etc will give you a hard finish on the fretboard that you don't really want. Use some lemon oil or other fretboard oil and the colour with even out. The part you sand is fresh it with change colour gradually to the colour of the rest of the fretboard.
You don't finish rosewood necks only maple generally.

I would just clean it up and moisturize it with a wet cloth. Then add some lemon oil or your favorite moisturizer.
I cleaned the board with some windex, then rubbed the frets with vaseline. The scalloped frets look pretty similair now, so I'm happy.
Shiny metallic purple armor.