Yeah, crit for crit 'n' stuff

They're not finished, they still need touched up, and lyrics and stuff =]

Please note that they won't be repetitive with vocals =]
My Band =]
We play some goffic pish
Its fun

Leave us a comment, we'll get back to you =]
Originality: 5/10
Creativity: 5/10
Solos: Where is the damn guitar solo?

Riffs aren't catchy at all and you need some more melodies...my opinion, but hey don't worry your probably better then me.
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excuse me sir- drum intro was pretty cool, at first i didn't really like the riff, but then i realized u were a lot heavier than most metal songs on here lol. so its pretty cool for its genre. chorus riff was pretty sweet. so were the verses. ended pretty good too.

fallen angle- intro is boring without vocals. wasn't really liking the verses, the bass solo was sweet though. the chorus was alright, nothing that great. interlude was pretty sweet. this song wasn't as good as the first one.

god help u- intro was cool, pretty much everything was really good, and i also realized if u can really play this than u guys are crazy fast lol. i like the chorus a lot. the only thing i didn't like was the last chorus with the octaves.

title that will be starred out if i type it- dont really like the verses but the bridge things are pretty cool. build up was pretty cool. bridge solo thing was superb.

god help u was my favorite. all the songs were pretty brutal, maybe a little to brutal for me in the verses mostly, but overall pretty good.

c4c? the top one preferably. in my sig.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Yeah i agree bakshandloomis that god help u was the best. The other stuff was just...really really heavy and repetitive. Even though GHU was good, it definitely isnt up there with my favorites. But thats just me talking. Keep working at it! 5.5/10
Well it sounds like music that I'm not into either way, but I didn't think it was bad...

...but reading the posts above me I could be wrongl lol.

Excuse Me Sir was funny to listen to I thought lol.
^^^^^ I'd turn drums down more, to 6 or 7. Gave me a headache :S
Ah. All the comments have already been taken.

I agree with the drums comment. If you play that live, I guess you should tone it down a bit. A common problem with metal is that they forgo melody for the sake of volume and speed. Slice back a bit on the volume and let the melody cut through. The heavier a song is, the easier it is to become repetitive. Try playing around with tonal variation. Like verse, softer. And an increase in overall volume until the chorus, then back down. That would be pretty cool. All that said, I'm not that great either. Check out my band if you want. It's in my sig.