I'm headed off to University this fall, and I don't have a simple way of getting my amp there - and to be honest I don't feel the necessity of having it, so I'm looking for a new one.

Right now I have a Flextone III XL, it's 150 watts and about 60 pounds - not something that will easily fit into a dorm room or be very conducive to my life there. I'm planning on selling it and getting something considerably smaller. A tube amp is almost a must - only if there is absolutely no other alternative will I get another solid state amp.

So, anyone have any relatively cheap, small tube amps?

I know of the Valve Junior, and I'm considering it quite a bit. But are there any others?
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epiphone valve jr, pretty cheap and its only 5 watts. loud enough for a small room, not loud enough to make people want to throw burning toilet paper under your door. or maybe it is.

if you're not too opposed to a hybrid.. (glorified solid state) you can snag a vox AD15vt or something too.
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carvin makes some nice small tube amps.
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Best college amp ever. One of my best freinds has one in his dorm.

I'd say the problem with the Flextone, the amp is decent sized but the floorboard for it is huge.
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I used the Roland Microcube when I was in a dorm. I wasn't amazing but it did the job.

**Oops, didn't see you really wanted a tube amp. Going down that route, I'd say go with the Valve Jr.
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There's no such thing as a valve amp which you can crank in a dorm room, so you might as well get a 15 watt and an overdrive pedal. So that you CAN use it in a band if you want.
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There's no such thing as a valve amp which you can crank in a dorm room, so you might as well get a 15 watt and an overdrive pedal. So that you CAN use it in a band if you want.
Yeah, unless you get like that Dr. Z nano amp, but they're expensive. My 5W VJ is far too loud for my semi-detached house. You can hear it across the street when cranked. I'd go with Kurapica's suggestion. That way you can gig with it if you need to, which you cannot with a VJ without mic'ing it.
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Alright, right now I'm leaning more towards the Crate Palomino/V8 - it's a little more than the Valve Junior, but the Tone knob is crucial. Thoughts?
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Crate V8.

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You could also get a medium sized tube combo with a silent recording output. That way you can use headphones to play silently and still be able to use it in a gig. I don't know what your budget is, but that's always an option. Speaking of which, I just remembered that Peavey came out with the JSX Mini Colossal. I don't know what it's like as I have not played one in real life, but the samples sounded good. It's 5 watts with a built-in attenuator as well as a silent recording output (IIRC).
The Mini Colossal is about $569. If you've got the cash, it is the best option for you. If not, go for something cheaper like a Valve Junior or Crate V8.
Yeah, the V8 is probably gonna be it - the Mini Colossal is good, but I'm also in need of cash so part of the sale of my current rig is gonna be for costs there.
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girls at college will think the size of your amp will be the size of your ****. keep that in mind.
girls at college could care less how big your amp is if you can play well. and sing. i had a marshall mg10 in my dorm room last year and never had a problem getting tang. though this year i'm trying to sell my old guitars, extra pedals, and my fender hot rod deluxe for an orange tiny terror. though i might just get a vj to save money, and because i've already got a gig amp.