I just got mine in the mail today, but I'm confused at to what it's called. It came in an ESP box, with an ESP manual, and ESP sticker, but on the headstock it says "LTD". What is the difference? I'm confused.
LTD is the epiphone of ESP... i have an m-50 it's still fabulous... if it was an ESP it would cost $1000 more... big dif
LTD is the step down from an ESP. Its like how Epiphone is to Gibson. Theres nothing wrong with LTD its just the cheaper, more affordable model. I have a LTD EX-50 and it has an ESP logo on the back of the headstock but on the front it says LTD. The ESP versions usually have upgraded pickups, set necks, better tuners, better wood used in bodys and neck/fretboards, and different finishes. Most of ESP guitars go up in numbers according to the quality. 50 is the lowest and 1000 is the highest. I have 2 LTD EC-1000's, those are the highest quality guitar you can get in the LTD versions before you get into the ESP models. So theres nothing wrong with your guitar at all. Its just not the ESP version of that guitar. Hope that helped.