Alright, so I want to work on my strat some more. I have finally got the whammy to stay in tune.
I will post pics of the guitar later.
I want to do some electronic mods and maybe some visual mods on the pickguard.
I want some sort of design on the pickguard.
Im gonna cut a slot for a humbucker in the neck and put a extra no-name humbucker in its place. I might shield it.
I need some more mods to put in it though. Here are some parts I have to spare.
About 3 500k and 3 250k pots.
2 spst switches and 1 momentary on/on spst switch.
An old distortion effects pedal.
A few L.E.D.'s.

What mods should I put in this thing? What design should I put on the pickguard?
The answer to all of lifes strat customizing questions is... 2 words Guitar Fetish... and keep the pickguard black
If you're going to do any electronic work, I recommend changing that 'might' into a 'will'... as in 'I will shield it'. Might as well reduce interference if it's all going to be apart anyway.
O I am shielding it. Unless....
Alright, so I'be working since I started this thread on an idea the popped into my head.
I have some spare diamond plate lying around so I went and cut a pickguard on it. I then paint a southern cross (like on Dimebag Darrells guitar) on it. So far I have only cut out a slightly slanted humbucker in the bridge on it. I will finish it tommorow.
My question is, if I have an aluminum diamond plate pickguard, will I still need to put aluminum foil on it to shield it?
Also, I need a new neck. This one has uneven frets and some frets also have dents in them.
Since It costs about $100 to get a complete refret, Im just gonna get a new neck.
I wanna try something different than a rosewood fretboard since all my guitars have one. I either want a ebony, birdseye maple or a maple fretboard. Which sounds better and which would look better with a metallic blue guitar with a faded diamond plate pickguard? O and the headstock will be reversed.
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I love maple, myself. It will bug your eyes at first. It's a reverse of what you're used to.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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