so yeah putting together an Ibanez and I basically need alot of stuff so heres the list:

1. a H/S/H routed, black pickguard. for one tone, 1 volume and the standard 5 way swich
2. the 500k pots, 5 way swich and input jack to fill that pickguard
3.neck screws, just in case the neck I've ordered doesnt come with them( can I just use like the same type of screw only found in a hardware store for the neck?)
4. black Ibanez tuners

yeah and thats all. so come on people, at least one of you has to have one of these things. I would prefer if one person had multiple things for shipping purposes but, I suppose we shall see.
So hit me with your goods and the prices you want for them. (all should be fairly priced please)

thanks a bunch yall
1 You will need a Jem style pick guard. http://www.pickguardparadise.com/main.html
2 Buy new pots the Ibanez one are not great.
3 The neck screws you need, will depend on the body/ neck combo you use. If you have a neck plate the screws will be longer. If you have the AANJ that uses the washers,the screws will be shorter.
4 I would also go with aftermarket tuners.

I would also post here http://www.jemsite.com/forums/
thanks guys but I already know about all those part sites, I was just wondering if anyone had this stuff that they were trying to sell or anything
We're already talking about the neck (I need to keep the neck screws, but I could throw in my 5-way swicth and volume/tone pots. I also have the pickups, and trem for sale.
what kind of trem?
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hey tongue untied: how much for the floyd?

JD Red LP: and dude yes I would love those pots and the 5 way swich.
oh and if anyone knows where to get some bobbin toppers hit me up becuase I am in need. I know universal jems has them but to get them shipped to canada is just too darned expensive
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