Alright first off I want to apologize for the cheesey thread title but I couldn't think of anything else eye catching. Secondly, I'm a long time UG viewer but I'm new to the forums and this is my first post. I really like the website, it's the only guitar website I use.

So down to the point. I'm a 6 string guitar player but I was offered the chance to play bass in my church's band. Knowing they had easy songs and my dream of playing on stage, I accepted. I've been playing for a few weeks with a 5 to 7 person band. That includes: One acoustic guitar, one electric guitar, keyboards, congas, me the bass, and a wide variety of female and male singers. We play very simple songs and it only requires basic notes so I've already know my scales.

But I cannot stand the sound. Don't get me wrong I love Christian music, but I usually prefer that hard rocking stuff you hear on the radio. All we play is slow soft songs. And I didn't really care at first. I was on the stage. But slowly it's been driving me insane. I'm so bored with my playing. Here, I'll give you a sample:

D A B F# G A D

That's the entire progression of a whole song we play there. All I'm doing is plucking the same note over and over in the same measure. D D D D A A A A B B B B F#... and so on.

So what I really ask for is some help in spicing up my bass playing techniques, so I can shine as the bass player. It's a little hard when the other 4 instruments drown me out the whole time. I even crank up the volume all the way and all I can hear is that stupid keyboard next to me and barely any bass. So I'm guessing it's my playing. I guess I could've just asked that and spared the whole story but I like writing ridiculously unnessecary paragraphs, so...

Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much!
pop and slap it up. use octaves. throw in chords. thats all i can suggest for church music. otherwise i'd say drop your tuning to C and just crank the deepness. hope this helps
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go out and buy a distortion pedal, crack up the low and high end on the pedal, pluck as hard as you can, and grab a mic and start doing pig squeals...

but seriously, pluck harder for a louder sound, and use more high end to stand out more, and not just drone out and be vibration
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instead of just playing the roots, play chordal patterns. Like for d I like going, "D, D(one octave up), C, A, F#, D"
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In church music there's not a lot you can do. Use some octaves, and maybe some 3-note chromatic walk-ups, like when heading into the A bar (after a few repeats of the progression of course) go D-C#-C-Bb-A. I think that'll sound good. Experiment with those kind of things anyway.
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go out and buy a distortion pedal, crack up the low and high end on the pedal, pluck as hard as you can, and grab a mic and start doing pig squeals...

lol thats what i would do
yea i play in church band as well, and the keyboard drowns out the bass its so annoying but i dont want to ruin the mix by turning up the bass.... but get the band to play some good songs. hillsongs, switchfoot, delerious.

apart from that, u can do runs at the end of the measure or use leading notes inbetween chords. but most important is just pound out that solid bassline and keep the band together.
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Quote by bassharvey

D A B F# G A D

That's the entire progression of a whole song we play there. All I'm doing is plucking the same note over and over in the same measure. D D D D A A A A B B B B F#... and so on.

Sounds like you got Pete Wentzacitus! It plauges modern music and frankly, stereotypes of bassists now are worse than those of drummers! Or even worse, left handed drummers!

Common symptoms consist of boring basslines, rootnote pounding, being a general asshole.

Common causes consist of cant-be-arsedness on behalf of the bassist, a band who doesn't understand the bass guitar and its wonders and lack of sonic space.

With you Mr Patient Sir, I think it could be a mix of all 3 causes. My perscription to you is :-

Just because they don't give you a bassline to play doesn't mean you can't make one up, experiment with what works!

Also explain to the band leader that would like more room on the bass clef so perhaps the keyboardist could play else where! (Maybe like no where cause they suck worse than drummers, even left handed drummers!) This will give you more sonic room so it doesn't sound like mud when you can be arsed to play a decent bassline.

You will also need a dose of "Groove!", one pill every day untill you feel you can sway to your lines.

Recovery time is anywhere between 2 hours to 2 years dependant upon your motivation.

I hope we don't see you back in Dr Jon's Surgery anytime soon. Thank you.

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Amen my friend.
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I say quit the band. Go find a band that shares your interests and play with them.
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Kick over the keyboard and go into a bass solo. Always works. I guess you could also try throwing in some extra notes and chords to make playing less boring. Do some headbangs to.
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Well hold on everybody. Before you go murdering the keyboard player (However tempting) You must step back and think, "What can I do to make the BAND sound better as a whole." So before you go throwing in some slap and pop into "Who am I" and other assorted songs I can't remeber, you gotta think whats best.

So, give me a little list of songs you play and what key they are in. (Or just tell me the notes instead of the key) and I'll try and show you how we changed it. Sometimes you HAVE to play root notes. Yes I know life sucks and it'll make you want to kill yourself but if it's not in the cards...

But you CAN"T play root notes every song. Slower songs is the only thing I would root note on in my church playing days. (That's only because I didn't know how to tap back then) Exemplis Gratis (For the sake of an example) take "Trade My Sorrow"