hey what up. i wrote this song a while ago and i need some help thinking of a name for it. so here it is, don't kill me if you think it sux.

I'm not mad, I swear I'm not.
I just want the answers.
The answers you gave are miserable, mangled, and misconstrued.
Give me something I can understand.
Oh my dirty mind, quit it. (It's your fault you know it!)
Stop reminding me
of every touch and every feeling

My mind is lost but its still torutring me
I want to flow this misery to the sea
Let it pass give it time
My answers where the hell are they?

Bitter state of mind, back here at home
But it's stil here
Everything I see I hold it in my patience
I'm short on the fritz
I'm running out
The beer is gone
But I'm back out


so thoughts, critcisms, and ideas are accepted. thanx for your help
'Answers' would be cool...
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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I'd say bitter state of mind...cuz it matches the chorus and it's a line in the song.
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'It's Far Away, But Not Far Enough Not To Hurt Me'
or something like that. Maybe lol quite long title me thinky.
This is refering to the first line of your chorus.