Check out all our songs. The only bad one is the twighlite zone one but only because we had to use audacity and the timing is off. but hey you get to hear some three-finger nubbing (that sounds horrible)
by far destiny is my favorite. just a nice, clean instrumental with a heap of flange and chorus on top that leads into a distorted section that can be heavy without losing it's happy feeling and sounding dark. perfect combination IMO. but seriously, really good stuff, although the guitar work doesn't really flow with the rhythm as well as it could. it flows, don't get me wrong, but it could flow more. it just seems like a slight timing issue to me, but if you guys can dig it, so can i. i don't wanna be telling you how to make good music - you seem to know how to do that yourselves.

overall dude, i'd buy an album from you guys, permitting it's available online (i'm clear across the country from you guys haha)

keep it up
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Thanks guys! yeah we dont really have an album yet. its a bit too early for us on that and we're still learning about music because there is always something to learn. I'll be sure to practice our songs and see if there is a way i can make them flow better.