Im going with my girlfriend to warped tour this summer, and shes absolutely dying to see and meet escape the fate. but this is actually my first real concert, all ive been to are shows (cant really afford to go to a real concert all the time). so i dont know like tricks or anything as to meeting a band without passes or whatever. has anyone ever met them, know any ways to meet a band, whatever?
Lol, that'd be a good article for the Lesson section; How to meet a band at a concert- anyone? ^^
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IDK, I've heard you can fake a heat stroke or something, and get backstage with paramedics (at least at festivals) and you can get a better opportunity to see them up close
i have meet some people from bands (rancid, reel big fish, and streetlight manifesto) i just waited around there bus until they came out of the venue but that will be hard at the warped tour, usually they have a tent to meet the band, but i don't know if the band u want are going to do it or not.
I meet them last thursday at calgary in warped
it's as easy as finding their tent and finding out what time they are signing
Here's how to do it...
find out if they are doing a signing at a particular booth...this is an easy way to guarantee that you will meet you band though it may be slightly time consuming (I did meet Meg and Dia and The Bassist from Coheed and Cambria (Mic is his name I think...)
Watch the set and see if they'll go to their merch booth...if that is the case, then this is the best way to meet them and ask all kinds of stuff (from typical fan crap to professional questions) and this is the most fun because most bands are very gracious...my bands I met like this were Aiden, Madina Lake, Evaline, Lower Definition, Vincent Black Shadow, Emanuel, Firescape, and so on...(my favorite way to meet bands btw)
Give blood...and then you'll have a backstage pass...that's self explanatory
Sneak in... (can't say I tried this one though)
Become a roadie...(haven't tried this one either)
Obtain a press pass and you'll be able to go farther than most fans...(this one I'm planning to do in the near future)

Umm...that's it...Warped is very big though...so keep you eyes open and you'll find people sometimes (like local bands...I.E: Planes Crash)
my sister's friend went and said that a lot of the bands are just wondering around hanging out.

maybe you'll get lucky.
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