So today I left my Squier Jagmaster at the shop to have the bridge pickup Coil-Tapped (The Jagmaster is really my experimentation guitar, looking for new sounds, y'know?)

I'm a tad bit too anxious to wait until tomorrow to hear what it sounds like.

So with the stock Duncan Designed pickups, what is the bridge gonna sound like as a single coil? Like, compare it to a well known single coil guitar (Strat, Tele, Les Paul with P90's) so I can get a general idea.
Its gonna sound like a Jagmaster with duncan designed single coils.
Probably like a strat.
It's prolly gonna sound a little bit like the Mustang.
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Technically, its a coil split. Coil tap is a misnomer that so many people and companies use.

It will sound something like a Strat bridge, but humbuckers when split never sound as bright as a true signle coil... so you may lose a little of the ring the true strat pickup would make.

It should still be a lot of fun to mess around with. Hopefully they wire it to hum cancel in the middle split position.
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