well as you'll probs figure after reading this or maybe not lol is that its about being let down, not knowing someone or seeing them how they really are but you want to be like them.. so yeh it has a lot of meaning to me. might or might not to you. i would really like some opinions on this tho so yer. thx cheers

you used to be my hero
i looked up to you, you were my idol
but then you went and did some things
and now i give you the cold shoulder

your just a bad reflection
all cracked and creased
that was disguised
as a shinning light just for
a gullable me ]

i used to want to be you
until i saw the real you unravel
no time for decorating excuses
ive heard it all before, im sorry


you were my ispiration
and now ive got none, but its okay
its not that big a deal anyways
ill grow and become my own person


What kind of music will go with this cause...It seems kinda three days grace-ish

All you need to do is refine your writing (I've , It's, I'll, etc.)
umm it was going to be an acoustic song.
haha thats funny u say that i am a fan of 3 days grace lol.
hmm i guess its similar like with the simple lyrics i guess. i dunno lol.
tho i can assure the song dont sound like 3 days grace. not with me singing anyways haha.
oh and i critd your song!! =)
and do you think 'False Hero' is a good title for this song or have your got other suggestions maybe?