Where is the best place to buy Ibanez J-Custom guitars?
I checked Ishibashi and there are no J-Customs on their site at all anymore :S?
I thought they were like one of the best for buying them there.. hmm
Any help guys?
Also, anyone know how much shipping a guitar from Ishibashi to the UK (Scotland) would approximately cost? Will I get charged extra on customs or whatever? I was thinking about buying an Ibanez Universe (if I can't get a J-Custom) as it is considerably cheaper.. so if anyone has dealt with Ishibashi before, advice/info would be great thanks.
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Try GuitarGuitar in Newcastle, they've got a good site and a few J customs, also if you plan on ordering try ibanezrules.com, mainly because of their great reputation and setups.

Shipping will set you back though, shipping a Rickenbacker from the US to mainland Europe set me back 400 euro's, excluding customs.

And finally, just try getting a J Custom, eventhough the Universe is cheaper, it isn't as good.
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