If you go to any...

I prefer Obscure Sound and a few others.

Complicated Dancesteps is good.

Conventional Sound is a nice little blog that specializes in hard to find older records.

and we may not forget nodatta for being so kickass.

anyways, what all do you use?

btw: if this isn't allow by the forum's this can be closed. but most of these focus on out of print or rare albums or just samples.
I read Brooklyn Vegan and Gorilla vs. Bear, but that's about as far as I delve into the blog scene.
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Quote by Avopeac

and we may not forget nodatta for being so kickass.

This doesn't cover out of print stuff? Deerhunter's Cryptograms isn't out of print, rare it may be, but it's still in print. Places like this are why the music industry is starting to self destruct, P2P is fair enough for OOP/Obscure stuff, but this takes the piss.
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