Hey, ive been looking to replace my ss hughes&kettner amp for a while now, and ive found a jcm2000 dsl 50 for pretty cheap.

I play hardcore/metal stuff like killswitch engage etc, and ive got a jackson and ltd with active EMG's.

Would the dsl 50 be worth it for this kind of music?

ive tried it out, and i liked it alot, although it needed a bit more gain, but will an overdrive pedal help me get that little bit more gain?

and if i wanted a higher gain sound, is there any brand/type of tubes that could help me get more gain?

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Yes, a DSL50 will do KSE with an overdrive, i use a boss super overdrive to boost mine and theres more than enough gain. I repaced the old sh***y stock valves in it and put some JJ E34L's and ECC83S/12AX7s in and it is a big improvement over the old valves.
plus your EMG's will shine through it.