whats up man?

you nailed the intro solo, and i felt the emotion. your voice in the first verse is pretty decent but sometimes its forced too much. second solo was nailed again, pretty damn sweet. sometimes your voice is going all over the place in second verse but its still pretty cool. third solo was pretty nailed as well. the rest of the soloing was simple to tell you lost track of the licks, and the improvising was solid. I liked the vocal harmony in the third verse, pretty cool touch. pretty good outro solo.

sorry my comments are so short and choppy by i critted as i listened. your lead guitar work is pretty solid. your emotions pour through your bends and it reminds me a lot of santana. for you individual voice, ill give you a 7/10. some of the vocal harmonies were pretty cool but sometimes your voice would just fly all around the place and i didnt really enjoy that.

overall ill give you 9/10 man, pretty solid stuff.
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your voice is alright, as the last post said, a little all over the place. but the guitar playing was right on man, i really liked it. overall ill give it an 8.5/10.
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