buying a new amp to replace my absolute pos ss amp. i think my absolute upper limit is $250 USD. any suggestions? no real preference for SS or tube as long as it sounds decent and is loud enough to be heard over another guitar and drums. i play metal (i.e. in flames, carcass, COB), but wouldn't mind enough versatility to play stuff more in the vein of zeppelin.

guitar is an ibanez rgtcr2 if you think that matters.
consider going used? my friend (the bastard) found a 65 watt amp for $250 - 300. it was a used peavey.
ummm......in the 250 price range your looking at more pos SS amps like crate and behringer......unless you can find a helluva used deal....you need to save more....and dont buy another ss amp....tubes are the way to go my friend
If you save up a bit you can get something like this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fender-FM-212DSP-100-Watt-2x12-Frontman-Combo-Amp-with-DSP-Effects?sku=483720 You could probably get the 85 watt model for cheaper if you're desperate and it should be loud enough. I have this amp and havn't had to turn it up past 7-8 for any show. I play metal too and it has really cool sounding distortion.
Don't go SS, Tubes are whats good.... and you'll need to save up more for a good amp.
used probably then. i got the pos one for 50 dollars when i first started and never bothered to upgrade. any recommendations for what i should save up for then?