i was wondering if anyone can recommend me string brands that use low tension. i heard dean markleys have strong tensions. i use really light gauge.
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The best strings I've ever used on my Acoustic Guitar were Da'Addario EXP 12's. 12-gauge strings that have a nice feel to them. I like the way I can slide my hands on them, and your fingers don't ache on the higher strings. I've had mine on my guitar for over 6 months and I haven't had to change them (With semi-active playing (At least 30 minutes a day). They still look new!

And they're like 10 bucks.
String tension is determined by scale length, which is fixed, pulling power, which you can vary by tuning up to a higher or down to a lower pitch, and string gauche, which you can vary by fitting another set of strings. The thicker the strings, the higher the string tension will be. Because you already use light strings, there is nothing you can do here except tuning down a half step and then put a capo on the first fret to get to standard tuning. This way you effectively shorten the scale, resulting in lower string tension.
Here you have a cheap and easily reversable way to test if this is the set up you really want.
If the strings are the same size, the tension should be the same no matter what string you buy. If you want lower tension go to an extra light. If you strings are too high this might help lower then if they are low already you may need to have an adjustment done.