I just received two 8 ohm speaker cabinets from my neighbour, and am wondering how to wire them for a 4 ohm output. I know they have to be in parallel, so would it be negative to negative then positive to positive, then a wire from the negatives to a jack and from the positives to a jack? And how do i find out which is negative?

Also, the speakers aren't specifically for guitar, will they sound alright? Theres an 8" sub, a 6 1/2" mid and a 2" tweeter, with a range of 40-17khz, and a sensitivity of 96 db.

The individual speakers are rated for 10W, 5W and 1W, but theres two sets of them, would that work with a 15W amp?

There is a 25V 3.3uf cap between the tweeter and the mid, what does it do?

And finally, the wire used looks very thin, should i rewire it using thicker speaker wire?


Edit: The below comment made me realize that I typed "are" instead of "aren't" specifically for guitar. The speakers are not specifically designed for guitar.
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I'm not an expert, however I don't think these will work with a guitar amp at all.

Three seperate speakers, and none are over 10W. Plus, they aren't the correct ohms...

I think they will end up all being blown.
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