The Style of Songs we create are distorted leads mixed with delay and clean sounds, not a fan of labels but Experimental/Post Hardcore mabye? we aren't trying to emulate any particular band but the music we adore is made by people such as Alexisonfire, Circa Survive, I Would Walk Through Fire For you, Minus The Bear, Hell Is For Heroes, Secondsmile, ATDI, TMV, The Cure, TSOAF, Mutemath etc we are also big fans of ambient music and soundscapes.

Very open to every style of vocal delivery and lyrical content, any ability as a guitarist/keyboardist/synth shizzler an added bonus but far from necessary, we are 16-18 though someone in the region of 15-20 male or female would be great, We are experienced in a live context and have all been in many bands before this one we also write our music, anyone interested drop me a line: Dreamthesweetestdream@hotmail.com.


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oooh yeah, the name, we keep changing it, The Screaming Crayon Revival is the current name however