I plan on buying a rocktron banshee talkbox for about $150

and my sister/brother think it's a complete waste of money, takes no skill to use (which I've heard it does,) and is overal a waste.

Do you think you should buy pedals when your not in a band/performing
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well duh! I got my distortion pedal before I was in a band >_> if you don't experiment your sound is gonna suck
Yes. I think it will give guitar playing/song writing a new dimension for you, maybe make it more enjoyable than it already is. And you'll have experience if you ever do start to perform.
Well if you're gonna be a bedroom wanker who cares, atleast you're not buying crack (which would probably be a better investment than any "rock"tron pedal you can buy.)
You gotta know how to use your effects before you get in a band, and onstage. You'll sound like a complete idiot on the talk box if you don't know how to use it, you gotta experiment, and use different effects to get the right sound that you want.
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thanks, I've just come up with some more good arguments to use against them (with your help)
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