You download Winamp, trust me.
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Well, if you have them all in the same folder you can just right click on that folder and go to properties. It should tell you how many files are in that folder, so there you go.

Btw, I use foobar2000. Great music player and it doesn't hog your system resources like some other players *cough*itunes*cough* I suggest checking it out. It's a free like 1mb download, just google it if you're interested.
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what makes winamp better?

Compatible With More Formats, better orginization to sort your music(Can do a like dynamic search thing) Make playlists - Export, Add songs to them easier, Legal Add Ons, Shoutcast (Radio DJing) etc
Hoodoo you do Mr. Bellamy

click on the songs option in the side menu (the one that brings up every individual song you have)

click on one of them once, press "ctrl and a" together That will select every track

in the bottom right hand corner it will say something along the lines of "x items selected"

x being how many songs you have

and to all the people saying "start counting" or whatever actually make sure you know what you're talking about

and anyone who said get winamp/itunes/realplayer/whatever, that isn't what the threadstarter asked


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