I have been playing with a Crappie 15 Watt amp with my BOSS-MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal for about 4 months now and I need some great sound especially for Drop A, B, and C my amp sounds alright for single strings just doesnt have the power to do killer rifts >;]

I have Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky Strings and are 12's and are perfect for Drop tuneings and a guitar thats similar in sound to an Ibanez, just different neck

Which amp would you suggest for death metal?

also must not be bigger than the Spider Line6 III 75
so far the ones I've found to consider for under $300 is the

Spider Line 6 III 75 $299
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* 250 artist-created presets
* 150 song-based presets
* Plus 36 user programmable presets
* Built-in front panel tuner
* 12" Custom Celestion© Speaker
* 75 Watts

Marshall MG 30DFX $229
* 30W
* 10" speaker
* 2 channels
* Digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, and flange
* FDD (Frequency Dependent Dampening)
* CD ins, emulated line out, and emulated headphone jacks

From what I've read theres really only one choice of the Spider Line 6 III

any other Suggestions??? I find Marshall to be a bit overrated for the price

Trying to get the best amp for my buck >;] but still sound good
If I could get my 15watt amp to sound dead on to some bands but just not have the bass type power then I think I could do well with other amps lol
I suggest trying a Vox Valvetronix if you like Classic rock, blues that sorta stuff or a Roland Cube if you want more metal. Those amps in my experience are infinitely better than the MG or Spider. The tones on the Spider and MG just kinda suck

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Neither one, both of those amps won't sound much better than you already have. Save up a little more and buy a tube combo. If that's out of the question, get a Vox or Roland Cube.
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if you have 300 bucks, roland cube 30 no question.
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well I'm going to use the pedal for the tones just need a bigger amp than 15 watts to support the low sounds as a 9" speaker is to small for that its only good for high sounds
I need something at least 12" or 14" to get the sound I need

Simple Physics above

I play this style of music click the link below if that helps

My Problem I dont have room for a huge amp about the biggest size that I can fit is

Biggest Deminsions
20.5" Length
17.25" Height
10.75" Deep

I'm willing to spend just a tiny bit more than 300 but no more than 350 >;] as I'm not going to gig just need amp that can handle deep low tuned sounds,and not be ridiculous in size, nothing more :]

Any suggestions??
Use the search option in the forum to find out why you shouldn't buy a Spider or MG. Roland Cube or Vox Valvetronix. A good tube combo would be best, even though $300 isn't a lot I would be stubborn and look for one used.
--well what would be a good amp to look for used,?? I can go up to $400 at MAX =] I am
only a college student

--note I am not looking for Gig amp but rather a home amp that can have a death
crushing sound with my MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal
I don't usually recommend ss amps as a first choice but the cheapest thing I think will do the metal is probably the Roland Cubes. Not bad amps. Use tube amps are usually your biggest bang for the buck.
well I just did some changes to my amp and my pedal and my 15 watt amp has the deep sound I'm looking for and sounds like my friends 75 watt marshall at same loudness of Decibels to your ear >;] sick

All I had to do was

put gain really low on amp and trebble, mid, bass on highest setting and leave my awsome BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone pedal setting and just crank its level volume tad over halfway and its loud enough and deep sound

so I am here to say all amps are good if you set it up right with a distortion pedal, its the cheapest way to get the tube type sound in my opinion, my amp use to sound crappy till I played around with it
where do u live? u want my MG30DFX for $150?
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Quote by Tubyboulin
I wouldnt get the MG, i have one and i hate it. Deffinately save up fora tube amp. it will really help you in the long run.

sure thing, I'll take your advice, its probally no different than my Fender Squire 15 watt Amp I got for free :P
but my BOSS MT-2 Zone pedal is set up perfect and if you put master vol and vol and gain low on the amp and use the pedal's level for volume then you get some killer sound for low budget

I'll stick to that till I save enough for a big sick tube :P like a Krank Amp :P