Hey guys, i might meet up with this band who are into Elvis, Beatles, Bob Marley, The Who and The doors.

I know these bands but ive never listened to any of these in a musician( or guitarist) kind of way. And i really enjoy this music, mind you i have none of it on my list but anytime its on the radio im always like ,,really good song. So im wondering what kind of techniques i should know for these bands, i know theyre not all the same genre so you can just help me out with one or somthing.

Now i know you might think that this question is too broad,, true true but let me put it this way, If i was to ask the same question about punk, you would go Major scale and ALOT OF power chords. Metal? Maybe the whole chugga chugga, muted open string then a riff. Progressive, arppegios perhaps?

I really have never looked at these songs in a music perspective so if you folks can help me with some of them just to see what im up against, also name some good songs i can practice that technique on or something .

=) =)
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Reggae music in general? learn how to skank. WITH FEELING TOO, reggae guitar is almost ALWAYS on the back beat\offbeat.. as in 1 skank(2) 3 skank(4). and alot of it is based around the I - IV-V-vi minor chords of a major scale. just played a little differently