so i want to get into building/customising guitar gear, and i thought id start off buy building an amp and modding a guitar,

so i thought maybe i could buy a cheap as second hand guitar, probably a squire strat, and change the pickups, put a killswitch in, and just things like that so i can get my head around it a bit, maybe even do a nice paintjob to.

and i want to build an amp, or maybe just a speaker cabinet or something. how would i go about this?

can someone direct me to similar threads to please?

I'd be interested about this too... if anyone knows!
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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The best cheap low end guitar to mod is an affinity series squire strat, everyone does it. In the case of the amp, its harder and I actually have no idea. I think you should start with pedals and FX, an amp for the first project is too much IMO.

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