I'm just playing a song I always play for fun, which requires a power chord. I use my middle finger to mute the low e string...obviously...but my middle finger falls right on the fourth fret, producing an AnNoYiNg harmonic when I hit the chord.


...am I doing something wrong? Haha, didn't know you could butcher a powerchord.
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I don't mute my E string when doing that...I just don't strum that string!

Ditto. You should try getting used to this.^
yeah trust me, jsut hit the 3/4 strings , its hard at first, i used to just hit the top 2 cause i was lame. But you'll get used to it, trust me.
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yeah do what they said or if you really must mute it then just roll your hand more so that your middle finger is not touching the A string. Or you could palm mute the low E but its kind of tough. But i would just do wat every one else said to do
If you're playing slowly, just don't hit that string.

If you're playing too fast for it to matter, I usually reach around with my thumb to mute the low E, which makes my other fingers drop flat enough to mute the rest of the strings too. But I have longish fingers and I'm really flexible, so it might not be for everyone.