the intro caught my attention, its kinda neat with the synth, im diggin. the intro/clean was awesome man, butttt.
when it switches to metal, lost the vibe. it needs a transition not just a stop, it sounds like two different songs, the first one being way better, haha. the intro was very unique and well written, the rest just seems like generic metal riffing that i hear all the time.

thanks for critting man
fight the power that be
Thanks for the crit!

I agree, the introduction is really cool. You definitely create an eerie atmosphere and setting through the dynamics and your chord choice. The little melody over the top was great but sounds too electronic and kind of takes away from the mood of the piece. I'm not a huge fan of metal, so I didn't particularly like the next section.

However, I like the idea of contrasting the two sections. I think the transition between them needs some work as the forte 'metal' section seems to be isolated from the first section, thus rendering them as two seperate pieces. Even joining them by a tonic pedal note could be quite effective.

My main problem with the heavy section is that it becomes boring without vocals or some from of melody. Overall however, it seems fine and the introduction of bass, drums and more guitar parts should help it a lot.
hahaha kenny g... that reminds me of my science class senior year of high school the teacher would always listen to kenny g.... but this actually sounds pretty cool man. I like the clean part... sounds really good. but then when you bring in the distorted guitars... it sounds a little odd... those are some cool riffs... damn, you need some drum software or something, that would do this song so much more justice... but you need to work on that transition a little better... maybe something a little different. overall I liked the whole idea you had going on through the song though. good job!

c4c? (url in my sig...)