Hey, good song. It isnt my cup of tea but i liked it. The opening part was soothing. I hope thats what you were going for. . The main riff starting at measure 5 sounds pretty good. Its a great pick up from the opener, although the transition is a little off. The chords in 18-19 and 25-26 had a cool medieval sound. I didnt like the time sig changes, tho. I think you couldve kept it in 8/4. Without that extra eighth note, i felt like i was being pushed through the song. But even without that change, its a great work!

crit mine?

I actually liked the time sig change and the whole thing actually. The only thing that had me going "eh" was the ending note on measure 17.

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I'm used to getting bad crits for time sigs cos I pretty much suck at making it flow nicely without changing them. thanks guys
.....i'm gonna capture a gideon