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Crit for crit. And be forewarned, at 1:48, it gets rather loud.

I tried, but it wouldn't work for me. But my browser has been screwing up on even the most simplest tasks lately. Sorry...
That was really good when it took off. There always has been a small part of me with a taste for Electronic-style music. The composition actually reminded me of something you would hear from an organist, but just transcribed for a 21st Century sound. Nonetheless, I found it very enjoyable.
It's definitely experimental . Not the type of thing I'd generally listen, but I quite liked it. I have to be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the introduction but from 00:45 I found it pretty cool. I really like the chords at around the 2 minute mark, and the huge change of dynamics between the transitions was quite effective. I think you develop your ideas pretty well throughout, but I would make more use of this particular section. I'd repeat it a couple of times, changing the drum beat to compliment the mood and exploiting the contrast of the section with quieter dynamics and perhaps a slower tempo.

I found the percussion a little annoying after a while but generally it compliments the synth really well. I think you need to be a tab more creative with it, to fit the style of the piece. I also found the ending to be fine, but perhaps a bit cliched? I'm not sure. Also, I think the introduction needs a little work (although perhaps I just don't 'get it') Apart from that, I really liked this piece. Good stuff!
Very interesting. The beginning up until sounds too much like a video game for my liking, but once the percussion kicks in all is forgiven. The throb that gets going is nice, as the weaving guitars are. The 1:45 bit is cool, and comes at perfect timing.

The organ type sound works great. Overall, the thing isn't anythign lasting, but it's an interesting synth type project, and I think with some vocals this could be great indeed.

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damn yertle, you got some groove
This is pretty good stuff. You must be a fan of Trent Reznor's work maybe?
^ Don't believe that.
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This is pretty good stuff. You must be a fan of Trent Reznor's work maybe?

Haha, thanks. And yes, I love Reznor's work. He's my favorite musician ATM, as well.

i love experimental stuff and you got some good shyt going there i envy u lol
check my song out.. its not like yours but it has similarities... how did you get all those effects btw??

I use FL Studio 7. =P