I've been playing for about 10 months now, and have been practicing rhythm (chords), scales, and learning tabs for songs.

Lately I've taken to playing songs by ear but every time I try to improvise over a chord progression it always comes across very "bluesy". Currently I use the pentatonic (m & major), and I'm looking to play closer to a ''Heavy Metal'' style rather than the rock/blues styles I play now.

What scales should I be using If I want to shake up my guitar playing?
Minor, most definitely and my personal favourite, the diminished scale
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i always thought the pentatonic was what metal mainly used. i could be wrong though. blues almost ALWAYS uses the blues scale, and the reason why i say almost is because you never know if there is someone out there not using the blues scale in a blues band, but all blues artist ive ever heard use the blues scale.
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Learns modes, I find that to be the most open.
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Thanks for the info guys, really appreciate it.
Well i looked up a minor scale ([A]Harmonic Minor in the 5th position) and had a question as to how to do the fingering...



Q: On the high E string...
{-4--5--7--8--} and {-8--7--5--4--}

Do I slide from fret 7 to 8 or stretch 4 fingers
across 5 frets?
I think modes usually give a more Neoclassical sound. espcially the uncommon ones like Phrygian. I dont know specifically whats best for Neoclassical but for Metal you can use the Minor Pentatonic.

If you have metal rythm and you give it some metal technique (harmonics, whammy, wha-wha) it'll sound cool. You dont even have to play fast. It just depends what u play over