Hey, I am in a new, fledgling band, and we just lost our drummer...

So now it's just two guys with electric guitars rocking out. We want to go for a sort of half rock half electronic style, like LCD soundsystem. I have a couple of questions for the knowledgeable people here...

1. How would we go about recording the guitar so we can use / have it on the computer?
2. What is a good program for Windows that allows you to sample drum beats or electronic sounds? (like Garageband for mac)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
please have a look up top the list in the recording area of the form for the stickies...

they have a lot of info on getting your guitars and any audio to your computer.

#2 is a good question to ask as its not really in the stickies

FL 7:

drum machines:
Alesis SR-16 is a nice unit

also have a look at these:

or, if you have the money to spend and want some easy drums:

The TD12 kits are nice
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Hey, I'm also in the same situation as you, well I didn't have anyone leave but I'm starting out looking for a rock + electronica feel, but more industrial, NINish.

If you can buy/find some way to get Reason 3.0 it's a phenomenal drum and synth program that will Re-Wire (work with) almost any popular DAW out there.

For guitar recording the man above me has given you some great tips.

Now, not to de-rail the thread or anything, but does anyone have a good way to get a real good synth-ish sound out of a guitar, either with software or an effects pedal that could go into my toneport? On some of my songs I just can't get the synth feel I want with keys, and am using Gearbox with the BronzeMaster pedal on, but it's a very simple and limited synth sound... so anyone have any tips?

Edit: I use Ableton Live + Reason 3.0 (and some VSTs) and it works great for a rock/electronic combination style.
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