Should i get my band name registered if we just want to jam and gig together? I don't know if we'll go far but should i just in case or what do you guys think?
i can't hurt. i dont think it costs money and even if it does i have to believe it's not that much. go for it.
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don't trade mark your name in tell you start having a decent fan base and are setting up tours. cause I heard and I'm not too sure if its true but it costs money to trade mark. so if that rumor I heard is true, it better just to wait tell your at least touring.
I think i'll wait a little while until we start setting up gigs and stuff just to see if the band lasts and stuff like that.
How do you register a band name? Just curious
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Edit:Nevermind it's in another thread but Flea is still the shiznit
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But about the registering your name part...i don't really know how, i was gonna figure that out later lol