He's like an inside joke with me and my friends. I liked blink 182, but the **** he's putting out now with angels and airwaves now is terrible. I liked him when he was funny and not an uptight arrogant asshole. He's so full of himself now. Oh, yeah, and he's the worst guitar player ever.
**RIP In the Van on the Comeback Road**

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You're going to have to go to the doctor. He is going to ram his finger up your ass and the rest you can imagine. It will be severly painful you are most likely to die in the process. Enjoy.
dude he sucks now
he used to be so funny, like a person you would really want to meet, but now he is just an arrogant moron. blink was so good and then he broke it up for his selfish reasons and formed ava, which is crap
I dunno of worst guitarist ever, that's being a bit harsh. He plays what he needs to nothing extravagant, you don't need to be good to play blink stuff, so whatever. That said, some of the riffs and solos in the earlier albums are pretty decent

but every interview of him you see, he's an arrogant arsewipe, so i don't really know why i'm trying to defend him